Seeing a beautiful portrait of oneself is enlightening and uplifting. It leaves us feeling fabulous and confident. And this is why I created the Quintessential Woman Photoshoot “QW”.


So, you are thinking about portrait photography session! I know how important it is to find right photographer.
A portrait photographer who will focus of bringing out your personality and make you feel absolutely sensational.
Who will show how amazing woman you are and provide beautiful authentic portrait photographs.  
Well, this is the right place. 
I want you to feel beautiful, more powerful, and more comfortable in your own skin.
Let me bring out the beauty that’s already within you and show how amazing woman you are through photographs.
This photo shoot it’s about embracing  your authentic beauty, building confidence and looking really awesome.


Portrait photo shoot
George, you are a real professional!
We got flawless photos and a wonderful album. We are so grateful to you! You know, it's been a while since we met such a punctual, kind, open-hearted, energetic and sociable person.
It was very easy to work with you. You gave us so much positive energy, loads of optimism and put us in a great mood.
The photos are bright, vivid and so true-to-life. Whenever we look at them, we fell into that atmosphere of the wedding that you captured and conveyed through the photos.
Thank you a lot for sharing that event with us!


Photo shoot in a forest
George, great thanks for your professional work! I still remember how nervous I was at the wedding.  But when you came, everything went well. You called the shots on the whole process, said where I should've stood, how I should've held the flowers, etc. You captured the most important moment in our lives and the photos are amazing!
You see and know what you want to get that's why it's so easy to work with you. It means a lot because you have to take photos in a short time. Today, I was so thrilled when I was unpacking our wedding album. It's fascinating, and the photos are of high quality. This is exactly what I wanted!


Portrait photo shoot
We'd like to say great thanks to George. To find a good photographer is a key task when you organize a wedding.
It was our friend who advised George to us. As soon as we saw his portfolio, we contacted him without hesitation!
The photo shoot was just great! By the end of it, my husband and I felt like models due to George's valuable advice.
Literally, everything was captured — each moment, each look, each touch. When it comes to working with a photographer, delivery time is a very sensitive matter, and our photos and album were ready on time. We didn't have to wait for ages and swamp him with calls to get them.